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April 4, 2010

this is something I have known for a long time, yet hardly anyone seems to know it.

have a look here for some evidence.

I like Google.  This will be hard to understand, but for me it reached marketing succinctness, in that it meshed the consumer’s consumption decision with time infinity.  Anyhow, for the Super Bowl, Google made a lovely ad, (which actually didnt work that well on tv).  And I thought it was worth looking showing you.  And it is also worth while comparing it with the public perception presented by the video made by ABC TV’s The Hungry Beast.  I’m not on the side of the scaremongers.


Flash is still my favourite publishing tool.  Customers like it, designers like it, the iPhone is going to love it and SEO people are gonna like too.


Its a pitty there are so many goofballs and large companies with deep pockets, the technology is there, it just be hard to make them make the decision to use Flash.

I have found some other excellent articles.  I wish I had the money to publish my own site.

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