You can create a formula that works for search engine optimisation but what is going to happen with Google’s + 1 ?

User’s search will be reordered.  A brand’s page rank will be subject to community management.

I heard about Google + coming out of beta and thought I would  register.

When registering Google + asks you to add friends, and as yet it appears I dont have any (boo hoo) so it made some suggestions from cartoons and celebrities.

Including one called Oatmeal .. which ….

Just proves how important it is to first in the market.  FaceBook is way ahead.

Search Ads Pause

Hi HowardAlex

July 25, 2011

China’s answer to FaceBook, (as it is banned you know), is Www.Weibo.com


Hi HowardAlex, I didnt know I was “HowardAlex”  har hardy har har


July 5, 2011

Facebook is about to add video, which is excellent, and a competitor has come up with a similar product and Google has done it.

does Google take geophysical location into account when it rank a site?  The physical location of the IP address doesnt really matter. The location of the host does. It only really does if it physically closer because it makes the download time quicker.  Make sure you target users in Australia in site configuration in Google Webmaster Tools and hosting to your target audience is best.  Make sure Google knows!  Google does know where you are, and thats not a bad thing, dont get all “Big Brother” about it.

Use your description tag on product or target pages, use alt tags for Google to read if you have allot of images.  Use Page Titles as a sign post for Google as to what you do.  Full description in the page link and a full description in the url.  Frequecy of key words and key word definition give more copy around those indivudual pages.

but this is really good reading, the new magazine by Google UK.  Really good advertising reading.


oogle’s ongoing quest to make its search results more impervious to spammers has become an infographic

its a search war!

Facebook has made another update, and this time the focus is on messaging.  The idea is to bring email, txting, Facebook chat and Facebook messaging all together.  All you need to send someone a message is the person and the message and thats it.  Every user can get an @Facebook .com email address.  This will allow people who dont use Facebook to connect with Facebook users.  The formalities of email, like subject boxes and cc: boxes will gone, so it feels more like a conversation.  Probably the biggest change it that it groups all types of messages will be like one long discussion.  So if a friend sends you a txt, but you reply on FB, all those messages will be listed as one conversation.  The system will be roled out over the next few months, but you will need to be invited by a friend to get access.  Thats all for this weeks nerd news!

souce BTN.