I just like the term ‘key takeaway’.

some info-grahics about social media



Micro blogging has speedy networking potential.   Businesses focussing on their social media strategy can accurately target their market.  Twitter has the benefit of being able to tweet without having to field a zillion emails or nurse a profile.  You can fling and not receive.

The number of followers on Twitter can be staggering allowing businesses to run efficietent marketing. Dell Outlet has 1.5 million followers.

FB is the site of choice where consumers give you continuous feedback.  Clinique uses it for personal recommendations.  Users seek information as to how to use cosmetics and word of mouth multiplied.

Consumers can talk back so continuously updating your site is essential.  #, @ and RT Tweets.

ABC News 24 – today Monday, March 21, 2011. (11.30am?)  Twitter is 5 years old, and 200 million users, 140 tweets per day.

Luke Hayes FB Marketer  Crust Pizzas run a Twitter Competition on Fridays.  Micheal Logos.

Teens live on their mobile devices.

Research firm find teens don’t use email as much anymore.

Teens don’t knowingly opt in to any emails from companies.


Twitter is open for business


instread of finding friends – how about flat mates “The changes include a clustered listing of biographical information under the user name at the top of the page, including such details as the person’s job, hometown, relationship status, where they went to college, what languages they speak and birthdate. Beneath that will appear a set of the five most recent photos that a user allows to be posted at their profile page. There also is a new sports category under interests, where users can list their favorite sports, teams and athletes”.

Digital Arts News newsletter 8 Dec, 2010.
I cant post the video but here is the link http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7119720n

Facebook has made another update, and this time the focus is on messaging.  The idea is to bring email, txting, Facebook chat and Facebook messaging all together.  All you need to send someone a message is the person and the message and thats it.  Every user can get an @Facebook .com email address.  This will allow people who dont use Facebook to connect with Facebook users.  The formalities of email, like subject boxes and cc: boxes will gone, so it feels more like a conversation.  Probably the biggest change it that it groups all types of messages will be like one long discussion.  So if a friend sends you a txt, but you reply on FB, all those messages will be listed as one conversation.  The system will be roled out over the next few months, but you will need to be invited by a friend to get access.  Thats all for this weeks nerd news!

souce BTN.

did anyone watch and like The Virtual Revolution on SBS tonight ? I particularly noticed, when analysing FaceBook’s success, the Information Loop came from analyzing WW2 gunners, 1), is anyone in their sights? No just 150 friends, and 2), really we really do act like Foxes and Hedgehogs in gathering information. Me personally, and have always been a real life “person to person” person.  And I really liked the programme.

the great typo hunt

October 12, 2010

I dont want to be totally boring here in my blog, I like fun things, and after my contribution to Melbourne’s Grafitti, I saw this article on these two nerds who

went around America fixing typos on signage.  Good fun if you ask me, shh, but still really nerdy 😉

All you graphic designers join the hunt @ http://greattypohunt.com/?page_id=651



just a quick post about Google, where you can target your search to eliminate words to get a Great Search using the minus sign with key words.