Teens live on their mobile devices.

Research firm find teens don’t use email as much anymore.

Teens don’t knowingly opt in to any emails from companies.




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February 28, 2010

thats what I like, thats been my approach to this blog.  And I came across one thats kind of like that, although I dont like all of his postings.  Linowski talks about fluidIA and has some good diagramitical representations that I like, but on the whole its allot of explanation of something a a topic that is quite simple.  New agile designs for mainly for rich user interfaces should be fluid, and he gives some good keywords as to how a user approaches a site.  Good design matched with the consumption decision(s) carried by a user on a site should create a non-interrupted – fluid – mouse clicks all the way to the completion of the transaction.

and tell me what you think of this site, why you came, and how you got there. There are all these visitors coming and I am wondering what on earth they doing coming to my blog!???  Its really weird, like someone is perving on me.

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