the great typo hunt

October 12, 2010

I dont want to be totally boring here in my blog, I like fun things, and after my contribution to Melbourne’s Grafitti, I saw this article on these two nerds who

went around America fixing typos on signage. ¬†Good fun if you ask me, shh, but still really nerdy ūüėČ

All you graphic designers join the hunt @




Flash is still my favourite publishing tool.  Customers like it, designers like it, the iPhone is going to love it and SEO people are gonna like too.


Its a pitty there are so many goofballs and large companies with deep pockets, the technology is there, it just be hard to make them make the decision to use Flash.

I have found some other excellent articles.  I wish I had the money to publish my own site.

LooksInteractive tags as infographics

Ride 'em   Very happy with this,  Alex Howard LooksInteractive

Slalom Rodeo

Google Adwords

January 7, 2010

I am just starting what is my final part of marketing communications. ¬†I am about to start marketing this man’s own blog with Google Adwords. ¬†So far, since the age of 16, I have learnt computer science (coding), databases, 3 different syntax languages (Pascal, html, java and C++ wont be too hard to pickup), Applied Design using the Adobe Creative Suite, which I hope you understand how hard it is to resolve an illustration, and then maybe use the four principles of animation to create what you hope is work that is worth the effort.

So I have put in the hard yards, building the building blocks of the management, the visual design and communication  skill and workflow.  Now I am at the stage of marketing of the marketing.  Google Adwords, Google Adsense, Google Analytics and Google vs Bing.  

Its nice work.

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