Microsoft Viral Search

March 9, 2013

Microsoft Viral Search

gee I think analyitics and statistics to going to get extremely complicated and boring


I picked up copies of The Age and MHS to compare them.  Now The Age has gone to tabloid I thought it would be interesting to compare them side by side.  This was the day xx resigned as Victorian Premier.  The Age had an old fashioned headline how he had “fallen on his sword” and the MHS had a direct message that he had quit.  The  MHS has 4 pages of colourful ads and The Age struggled with its advertising content.  The MHS still had allot of garbage inside but I still think The Age has lost its way.

the end of a really good graphic design series

Gene always had a really good series of old pictures sent out in a weekely newsletter.

FaceBook Graph Search

January 18, 2013

FaceBook Graph Search

a young person’s take on FaceBook’s new friend finder.  There are no friends on FB.  

had to say why most of the headlines didnt say much about James Packer’s families retirement from the media with a One Billion dollar deal with Rupert’s News Corp.  And The Age’s having to succome to the tabloid sheet size along with its staff and nearly new Tullamarine Print Press and the downsize of the Sydney and Brissie and Adelaide Papers.  Funny how Gina Rienhart is buying all Fairfax but unable to buy the PWA.


Agency anatomy

November 17, 2011

I just like the term ‘key takeaway’.

some info-grahics about social media

You can create a formula that works for search engine optimisation but what is going to happen with Google’s + 1 ?

User’s search will be reordered.  A brand’s page rank will be subject to community management.