FaceBook Marketing

March 9, 2013

FaceBook Marketing


FaceBook Graph Search

January 18, 2013

FaceBook Graph Search

a young person’s take on FaceBook’s new friend finder.  There are no friends on FB.  




I just like the term ‘key takeaway’.

some info-grahics about social media



You can create a formula that works for search engine optimisation but what is going to happen with Google’s + 1 ?

User’s search will be reordered.  A brand’s page rank will be subject to community management.

I heard about Google + coming out of beta and thought I would  register.

When registering Google + asks you to add friends, and as yet it appears I dont have any (boo hoo) so it made some suggestions from cartoons and celebrities.

Including one called Oatmeal .. which ….

Just proves how important it is to first in the market.  FaceBook is way ahead.

Turn away from tv

September 18, 2011

Im beginning to see allot more of tv, am I getting older?,  but the bad stories are promoting bad news and bad ideas.


pity, as me, as a media buyer, its not attracting the positive meaning that I would chose.

hope you understand, but, socially I am leaving tv behind now.

Hi HowardAlex

July 25, 2011

China’s answer to FaceBook, (as it is banned you know), is Www.Weibo.com


Hi HowardAlex, I didnt know I was “HowardAlex”  har hardy har har