had to say why most of the headlines didnt say much about James Packer’s families retirement from the media with a One Billion dollar deal with Rupert’s News Corp.  And The Age’s having to succome to the tabloid sheet size along with its staff and nearly new Tullamarine Print Press and the downsize of the Sydney and Brissie and Adelaide Papers.  Funny how Gina Rienhart is buying all Fairfax but unable to buy the PWA.


link to Stewart Media video on Google’s new Privacy Notice




I just like the term ‘key takeaway’.

some info-grahics about social media


Slingshot SEO conducted a study on user behavior in an attempt to determine the impact of page-one search engine rankings on organic click-through rates (CTRs). The results of said study were released in a white paper entitled “A Tale of Two Studies: Establishing Google & Bing Click-Through Rates.”

As the title indicates, the primary purpose of the study was to look at the differences in CTRs between the two major U.S. search engines, industry-leader Google and the Microsoft-owned Bing, and how they can help quantify return on investment (ROI) from SEO campaigns.

Since the company sees organic CTR on search engines as one of the best metrics for measuring user engagement, and since Google and Bing are host to approximately 95% of all search engine inquiries, this study was meant to provide a perspective on just how valuable a page one ranking can be on either site.

Some of the hard data presented in the white paper includes:

– Google SERPs showed an observed CTR of 18.2 percent for number one rankings and 10.05 percent for number two rankings.

– Bing SERPs showed an observed CTR of 9.66 percent for number one rankings and 5.51 percent for number two rankings.

– The total average CTR for first page organic search results on Google is 52.32 percent.

– The total average CTR for first page organic search results on Bing is 26.32 percent.

– Each month, about 117 million searches in Bing are for the term “google.” (Hint: that’s not a great sign of user loyalty.)

The evidence clearly shows that users are far more trusting of Google’s search results


September 4, 2011

Google announced that they are now displaying top of page estimates in AdWords. This data will estimate what your CPC click bid needs to be in order to show up above the search results.

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July 25, 2011

China’s answer to FaceBook, (as it is banned you know), is Www.Weibo.com


Hi HowardAlex, I didnt know I was “HowardAlex”  har hardy har har

media decisions

I send off a request to ChatSlang.com for “where is it?” and used WRISIT and it was added!

Here is a copy of the email


Thanks for the suggestion!  I have added a new entry for Wrisit here:
On Jun 29, 2011, at 7:49 AM, Looks wrote:
Name: Looks

Message: wrisit?


July 5, 2011

Facebook is about to add video, which is excellent, and a competitor has come up with a similar product and Google has done it.

does Google take geophysical location into account when it rank a site?  The physical location of the IP address doesnt really matter. The location of the host does. It only really does if it physically closer because it makes the download time quicker.  Make sure you target users in Australia in site configuration in Google Webmaster Tools and hosting to your target audience is best.  Make sure Google knows!  Google does know where you are, and thats not a bad thing, dont get all “Big Brother” about it.

Use your description tag on product or target pages, use alt tags for Google to read if you have allot of images.  Use Page Titles as a sign post for Google as to what you do.  Full description in the page link and a full description in the url.  Frequecy of key words and key word definition give more copy around those indivudual pages.