Fall and Rise of Media Spend

I don’t know the Ausralian spend but here is something from the States.




Online privacy matters.

December 31, 2010

Understanding how online advertising works or how is our online privacy protected are some of the topics dissected in this SaulBass-style site called Privacy Matters, launched by IAB.

go see      http://www.iab.net/privacymatters/


Maybe I should consider it!  This is from one of my favourite resources, SmashingMagazine, and in this post there are some good tips on what people look

for in blogs, particularly under the Clicky post.  Its a better analysis, rather than just Google Analytics.


Apple just announced all time greatest profit.

Do we still love television?

November 19, 2009

Ofcourse we do!  In an article from Deakin Uni’s “D Magazine” Paul Venezo asked this question because of the rise of online media. But for media planners . buyers an interesting phase he used was “programme flow” to follow markets.  An old idea, but now I know what to call it as I follow the tv guide.

Always with a huge shortage of meaningful slots to place spots the expanding tv networks will be offering better service to advertisers and at reduced rates.  After reading an article in Antenna, in The Sunday Age, yesterday, it lead me to the headline conclusion.  Its all good for television, but man, the audiences have got to be getting tighter.  By maturity of the television market I mean the new digital licences are like a line extension of the original stations.  The segmentation will be greater and greater.

What does it taste like?

October 22, 2009

I was just wondering if the public’s taste in consuming mass media will change after consuming such candy for so long. What is the price threshold of consumer to begin subscription? Implications: The flow information.