Fall and Rise of Media Spend

I don’t know the Ausralian spend but here is something from the States.


best new piece of media

January 7, 2014

best new piece of media

I like Archer, and FB’ed it.  A post came up and I went through a link to a new publication – Askmen.  I really liked it.  ‘Thought it was kind of good for men, not just fashion and boobs.  And to get Archer to be the vehicle was a coup.



Microsoft Viral Search

March 9, 2013

Microsoft Viral Search

gee I think analyitics and statistics to going to get extremely complicated and boring

FaceBook Marketing

March 9, 2013

FaceBook Marketing

I picked up copies of The Age and MHS to compare them.  Now The Age has gone to tabloid I thought it would be interesting to compare them side by side.  This was the day xx resigned as Victorian Premier.  The Age had an old fashioned headline how he had “fallen on his sword” and the MHS had a direct message that he had quit.  The  MHS has 4 pages of colourful ads and The Age struggled with its advertising content.  The MHS still had allot of garbage inside but I still think The Age has lost its way.

so said a sales rep from HSV7 to me onday.  And it looks like Channel 7 is looking right down the barrel, so say some economists.  With the debt restructuring of the other two networks, 9 and 10, seven now is looking to be caught, that is squeezed out in an oligopoly price war.  From an article – is there room for 3 networks.  Business section of MHSun.

had to say why most of the headlines didnt say much about James Packer’s families retirement from the media with a One Billion dollar deal with Rupert’s News Corp.  And The Age’s having to succome to the tabloid sheet size along with its staff and nearly new Tullamarine Print Press and the downsize of the Sydney and Brissie and Adelaide Papers.  Funny how Gina Rienhart is buying all Fairfax but unable to buy the PWA.

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity – Lions +.

Online privacy matters.

December 31, 2010

Understanding how online advertising works or how is our online privacy protected are some of the topics dissected in this SaulBass-style site called Privacy Matters, launched by IAB.

go see      http://www.iab.net/privacymatters/

Nice finds and thoughts

February 28, 2010

thats what I like, thats been my approach to this blog.  And I came across one thats kind of like that, although I dont like all of his postings.  Linowski talks about fluidIA and has some good diagramitical representations that I like, but on the whole its allot of explanation of something a a topic that is quite simple.  New agile designs for mainly for rich user interfaces should be fluid, and he gives some good keywords as to how a user approaches a site.  Good design matched with the consumption decision(s) carried by a user on a site should create a non-interrupted – fluid – mouse clicks all the way to the completion of the transaction.