I found this nice blog which gives information about digital media buying.  
it is a nice piece of pr, but still it lacks the nitty gritty I had when accumulating resources about media buying. Still I liked it.

It had this media networks link.  It just shows how many media networks there are.  Too many.  *Buying media is a space challenge.  


Statisticians Are Sexy

October 23, 2009

I studied Economics at Uni, and infact, my economics helped me win my Advertisers Federation Award.  I found this really cool
video of a guy from Google Creative Labs talking about media usage.  The graphical representation is quite visual and good.  He shows some usage of aeroplanes, texting, and then he says the Chief Economist from Google has said that the sexiest job in the next 10 years is going to be a statistician.  He, then, looks at the lifecycle of different internet tv channels.  Its not that good, but for media buyers the graphical representation is another way to look at it.  And the beginning was cool to look at.

I have left the address here                  http://tinyurl.com/statisticians-are-sexy