Predictable consequences

March 24, 2011

old habits + old technology = preticable consequences

old habits + new technology = new power to think differently

= dont mindlessly continue old patterns, think war, the environment, successful campaigns, relationships.

Al Gore

Along with the launch of the iPad, Apple launched iAds.  With fears kind of like the movie the Minority Report, iAds from your iApps that can integrated into it, which will have privacy concerns if it has location services.   It should excite the advertising world, as it suits current industry direction of introducing relevant content with seemless placement and too, how they want to communicate with consumers..  I guess huge reach Apps and Apps with cult following, Size and Audience, will get the revenue.

A good start into realising cross channel gains using display and search to improve CPC.  Only for big campaign strategies building up to tv.

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and this thing about Google pitching a cross media dashboard – does anyone know anything about this ? ?

I dont quite believe this, but in an article I liked, working in the fashion of the advertiser being the data analysts come accountants of the internet, titled as above, a small spacer pixel  can be bought by media buyers to give back information as to user’s behaviour.  Back in the early days of early web design, and we’re only talking the 1980’s,  graphic designers had to create an “invisible” spacer gif to get all of the graphic interface elements to line up.  But now the media buyers will buy a tiny, near invisible, pixel to harvest the data from that site’s traffic.  The article goes on to talk about understanding consumer behavior, which is based on recommendations in new social media, and how this is much better than the old social profiling.  {This harks back to my idea regarding the long tail and higher levels of interest}.   So birds of a feather flock together, and shared meaning in communication is better than a guess that you might be interested in what I have got to say. Even if I put it in front of you.   And now, back to the data pixel. To get to use it and identify the consumption decisions, related niche sites and who is connected to who, the media buyer will buy one of these “spots” in the online realtime media auction markets.  Its all the exciting stuff I was heading for when studying marketing at uni -practically simultaneous combustion!

some one is meant to be writing to me from the Public Health Campaign. And who knows a job in finance might be around the corner.
And article in The AGE, LiveWire 10/09/09 said the Australian SEO market is worth $800 million a year. And I have found an interesting term “channel dependent”.

The number of people clicking through advertising is lowering. See the Revolution Magazine article at

Big Harry talks up retail

October 1, 2009

In The AGE a week or so ago Mr Harold Mitchell talked up retail search and the consumption decision now being made online. I expect, because he is the market leader the article will act as a catalyst in the sector. Good.