new Chinese search engine has launched in Australia.

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You can create a formula that works for search engine optimisation but what is going to happen with Google’s + 1 ?

User’s search will be reordered.  A brand’s page rank will be subject to community management.

Turn away from tv

September 18, 2011

Im beginning to see allot more of tv, am I getting older?,  but the bad stories are promoting bad news and bad ideas.


pity, as me, as a media buyer, its not attracting the positive meaning that I would chose.

hope you understand, but, socially I am leaving tv behind now.

media decisions

And spends 84 minutes a day using them.

Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity – Lions +.

Hyper targeting is the next stage in specifically profiling/selecting who YOU want to see your advertisement.  For many years now, companies have been able to utilize advertising platforms such as Google, whereby you can select that you would only like your advert for your business to be seen related to keywords or location.  Now Hyper Targeted campaigns expand on this, enabling the adverts you place online to be a strategic and as targeted as possible.

Facebook is a prime example of Hyper targeting advertising.  Using their ever-expanding network of regular users, you are able to select not only the area in which your targeted audience live but also by their behavioral habits such as age, what their interests are and even down to a users relationship status – so if you are a start up flowers company you could have your advert show up to anybody who has gone from being ‘Single’ to ‘In a Relationship’.

Facebook will walk you through how to Hyper Target your advertising.

Firstly, select whether you want to promote your website address (if you do then be as specific as possible and remember you can direct potential customers a specific page on your website) or you can drive them to a Facebook Fan Page, Event or even a group.

Online privacy matters.

December 31, 2010

Understanding how online advertising works or how is our online privacy protected are some of the topics dissected in this SaulBass-style site called Privacy Matters, launched by IAB.

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instread of finding friends – how about flat mates “The changes include a clustered listing of biographical information under the user name at the top of the page, including such details as the person’s job, hometown, relationship status, where they went to college, what languages they speak and birthdate. Beneath that will appear a set of the five most recent photos that a user allows to be posted at their profile page. There also is a new sports category under interests, where users can list their favorite sports, teams and athletes”.

Digital Arts News newsletter 8 Dec, 2010.
I cant post the video but here is the link;contentAux