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nice Flash

January 2, 2014

nice Flash

good to see some Flash guys still out there

Facebook has made another update, and this time the focus is on messaging.  The idea is to bring email, txting, Facebook chat and Facebook messaging all together.  All you need to send someone a message is the person and the message and thats it.  Every user can get an @Facebook .com email address.  This will allow people who dont use Facebook to connect with Facebook users.  The formalities of email, like subject boxes and cc: boxes will gone, so it feels more like a conversation.  Probably the biggest change it that it groups all types of messages will be like one long discussion.  So if a friend sends you a txt, but you reply on FB, all those messages will be listed as one conversation.  The system will be roled out over the next few months, but you will need to be invited by a friend to get access.  Thats all for this weeks nerd news!

souce BTN.

Facebook as a bank ?

May 3, 2010

I thought I had finished blogging, but this is compelling.

Flash is still my favourite publishing tool.  Customers like it, designers like it, the iPhone is going to love it and SEO people are gonna like too.


Its a pitty there are so many goofballs and large companies with deep pockets, the technology is there, it just be hard to make them make the decision to use Flash.

I have found some other excellent articles.  I wish I had the money to publish my own site.

Nice finds and thoughts

February 28, 2010

thats what I like, thats been my approach to this blog.  And I came across one thats kind of like that, although I dont like all of his postings.  Linowski talks about fluidIA and has some good diagramitical representations that I like, but on the whole its allot of explanation of something a a topic that is quite simple.  New agile designs for mainly for rich user interfaces should be fluid, and he gives some good keywords as to how a user approaches a site.  Good design matched with the consumption decision(s) carried by a user on a site should create a non-interrupted – fluid – mouse clicks all the way to the completion of the transaction.

Seo friendly web design

February 21, 2010

a nice posting showing some simple tips and comparisons on making web sites seo friendly

tell me if you like it!

Tell me about it

January 18, 2010

so I have begun my Google Adwords study.  I had a set back this morning when I thought I would have the money to start the business.  It caused me to go to sleep.  But by tonight I was only scared that I wouldnt get any clients.  And I think that is old thinking.  And a $1000 spend is from the clients over 90 days and I think that is pretty easy.

so i have begun my Google Adwords study.  Lets hope there arent too many Guru Bob’s out there.  And I am afraid there are tonnes.

I want to be cool.  (And have big trusting accounts aswell !)

Google Adwords

January 7, 2010

I am just starting what is my final part of marketing communications.  I am about to start marketing this man’s own blog with Google Adwords.  So far, since the age of 16, I have learnt computer science (coding), databases, 3 different syntax languages (Pascal, html, java and C++ wont be too hard to pickup), Applied Design using the Adobe Creative Suite, which I hope you understand how hard it is to resolve an illustration, and then maybe use the four principles of animation to create what you hope is work that is worth the effort.

So I have put in the hard yards, building the building blocks of the management, the visual design and communication  skill and workflow.  Now I am at the stage of marketing of the marketing.  Google Adwords, Google Adsense, Google Analytics and Google vs Bing.  

Its nice work.