Microsoft Viral Search

March 9, 2013

Microsoft Viral Search

gee I think analyitics and statistics to going to get extremely complicated and boring


FaceBook Graph Search

January 18, 2013

FaceBook Graph Search

a young person’s take on FaceBook’s new friend finder.  There are no friends on FB.  


September 4, 2011

Google announced that they are now displaying top of page estimates in AdWords. This data will estimate what your CPC click bid needs to be in order to show up above the search results.

just a quick post about Google, where you can target your search to eliminate words to get a Great Search using the minus sign with key words.

You are searching for an online marketing consultant who can tell you what to do with your business.   You go to and select the radio button that applies the search only to Australia and you key in “online advertising”.  Google comes up with a page and on it are two sections.  In the middle is the natural or organic search section and on the top and on the right is the paid Google Awords Advertising Section.  (I dont think people realise that the first few on the top are paid for,  myself).

Now, I am competiting in this market, and my opponent pays the Maximum cost per click CPC for the key word / phrase “online advertising”, and I can see from my Adwords Keyword is $ 0.20 and their CTR is 5%  -> their position value is 1 and is great.

I like Google, it does seem to be very close to a perfect market, which is something we learnt about in our Economics degree.  Google has something called a Discounter Function, which seems to be  just part of the bidding process, (god.. Americanisms).  This algorithm places the next bid at $ 0.21 for each click through using the keywords “online advertising”, so my ads ranking will be placed on promotion over my opponents.

Ads are ranked higher by Quality Score (read relevance) and Cost Per Click.

A high Quality Score is given to key words that trigger an ad higher in the ranking order and has lower CPC, hence a higher Quality Score.
In my reading Google does say it is trying to please the  advertisers,  users, publishers and Google itself.  It uses this way of thinking, the Quality Score, to place ads with a higher quality score above naturally searched terms.   For an Internet Marketing Consultant to be doing hes job Adword Ads using  Google Search should be ranked between 3 and 6 in search position.

Adrank is calculated = CPC bid * Quality Score

Tell me about it

January 18, 2010

so I have begun my Google Adwords study.  I had a set back this morning when I thought I would have the money to start the business.  It caused me to go to sleep.  But by tonight I was only scared that I wouldnt get any clients.  And I think that is old thinking.  And a $1000 spend is from the clients over 90 days and I think that is pretty easy.

so i have begun my Google Adwords study.  Lets hope there arent too many Guru Bob’s out there.  And I am afraid there are tonnes.

I want to be cool.  (And have big trusting accounts aswell !)