new Chinese search engine has launched in Australia.

micheal @ incremental


Microsoft Viral Search

March 9, 2013

Microsoft Viral Search

gee I think analyitics and statistics to going to get extremely complicated and boring

FaceBook Graph Search

January 18, 2013

FaceBook Graph Search

a young person’s take on FaceBook’s new friend finder.  There are no friends on FB.  

Quality Links

April 29, 2012

Quality Links

link to Stewart Media video on Google’s new Privacy Notice




Turn away from tv

September 18, 2011

Im beginning to see allot more of tv, am I getting older?,  but the bad stories are promoting bad news and bad ideas.


pity, as me, as a media buyer, its not attracting the positive meaning that I would chose.

hope you understand, but, socially I am leaving tv behind now.


September 4, 2011

Google announced that they are now displaying top of page estimates in AdWords. This data will estimate what your CPC click bid needs to be in order to show up above the search results.

Search Ads Pause