so said a sales rep from HSV7 to me onday.  And it looks like Channel 7 is looking right down the barrel, so say some economists.  With the debt restructuring of the other two networks, 9 and 10, seven now is looking to be caught, that is squeezed out in an oligopoly price war.  From an article – is there room for 3 networks.  Business section of MHSun.


Turn away from tv

September 18, 2011

Im beginning to see allot more of tv, am I getting older?,  but the bad stories are promoting bad news and bad ideas.


pity, as me, as a media buyer, its not attracting the positive meaning that I would chose.

hope you understand, but, socially I am leaving tv behind now.

tv – news used to promote

December 17, 2010

the tv stations are using news programmes as the vehicle to promote themselves.  Ten is doing it 1 1/2 hours next year.  So the 10 Network has its “lead” station, Channel Ten, and enough content to segment itself to 11 and 1HD.

Interesting that they use news to promote themselves, and I knew Jamie Packer had an interest in this, but I heard he was unsure about using News this way, and was only
interested in the AFL rights.

not to forget tv

December 7, 2010

proportion of tv viewing share in Australia 6pm to midnight that is free to air: 83.4 per cent; pay television 16.6 per cent.  Good Weekend August 21, 2010.


have a good holidays everyone

the great typo hunt

October 12, 2010

I dont want to be totally boring here in my blog, I like fun things, and after my contribution to Melbourne’s Grafitti, I saw this article on these two nerds who

went around America fixing typos on signage.  Good fun if you ask me, shh, but still really nerdy 😉

All you graphic designers join the hunt @



with 7’s new “man” channel and nine’s new channel still to come, from what I remember about the media agency I worked at, there is no hope in hell that all

the media assistants in the world will be able to all of the account queries that will be generated from something like 11 free to air stations.    Maybe I was lucky

to leave?  Maybe so.    But one point of interest, is that I think with greater market segmentation, and hopefully increased roi, it might bring a few brands back

to television.

ps. give up your pay tv subscription – all the television stock is coming from those channels – so now you can have them for free !

In a long article on ATV 10 news today, they must be short of news at the moment,  Hitwize claimed there are now over 1200 celebrity blogs.  It went onto say how news operations like Tmz have created a whole news operation with no publishing cycle and I suppose no definition of the day.  And with that the old civilized studio publicists have lost control of who gets the story first and importantly who knows the truth in complicated circumstances.  Its come down to making fun of Hollywood, photographers trying to catch a train wreck and that fun sells best?

good seo articles on SmashingMagazine

Pleasing. 9 times!

November 30, 2009

someone has looked here nine times in today. In tech talk thats 9 impressions, (but with zero responses though,  har ha).

but being a good media guy, does WordPress count a return to a page as a new impression.  Maybe it was the same person going back to the homepage after visiting 3 articles or sub pages.  It was the highest count yet.  Still a nice surprise.

Twitter’s new feedback call to action is “whats happening”.  Twitter is now 3 years old.

7pm shows maturity

November 28, 2009

Last night I went and had a good time at the 7pm Project down at Channel 10.  It reminded me of when I was there when we talked about why the news was on at 6pm and I said it wasnt for us. That was when I worked at AIS Media and the news was for women with children.  And it still is, at the show, the person who won the most trivia questions, (and the most movie tickets), was a housewife.  There was the target market in real life.  The show was good.  Money, royalty, devils and interesting things made it go.  Jeffery Eddelston’s wife to be was there.  Now theres an interesting business; media creation: thats worth money and to quote Simon “she’s got pull”.  Thingame bob was promoting her book and doing well.  Hubby was there with the wrong man (doubt).  And my friend didnt go.  And it was nice to see another nice guy at the show.  So the 7pm Project has matured over ten years from working mothers to young adults who are now 40 years old.  Good news.

Do we still love television?

November 19, 2009

Ofcourse we do!  In an article from Deakin Uni’s “D Magazine” Paul Venezo asked this question because of the rise of online media. But for media planners . buyers an interesting phase he used was “programme flow” to follow markets.  An old idea, but now I know what to call it as I follow the tv guide.