The value of tweets

August 28, 2009

I think all of us thought that tweeting was irrelevant.  (And it is!)  But because everything is not as it seems, today, as I watched David Reyne being taught to tweet it occurred to me what value Twitter does have.   The actual importance of updating 9am’s audience might be small compared to the value of knowing the 9am’s immediate(?) market.  The value of this might be small at the moment, but what do you think Ashton’s Kutcher’s 700,000 subscribers might be worth to s to say, MTV?


he tweeted to ask people if they would like ride with him to the arena in Dublin.  Hundreds of people and then media showed up.   He didnt expect such a large turnout.   This a  great example of new media, stardom and publicity. It was a nice idea and worth every cent.  I saw broadcast on the morning news here in Melbourne.