I just like the term ‘key takeaway’.

some info-grahics about social media



but this is really good reading, the new magazine by Google UK.  Really good advertising reading.


Predictable consequences

March 24, 2011

old habits + old technology = preticable consequences

old habits + new technology = new power to think differently

= dont mindlessly continue old patterns, think war, the environment, successful campaigns, relationships.

Al Gore

Micro blogging has speedy networking potential.   Businesses focussing on their social media strategy can accurately target their market.  Twitter has the benefit of being able to tweet without having to field a zillion emails or nurse a profile.  You can fling and not receive.

The number of followers on Twitter can be staggering allowing businesses to run efficietent marketing. Dell Outlet has 1.5 million followers.

FB is the site of choice where consumers give you continuous feedback.  Clinique uses it for personal recommendations.  Users seek information as to how to use cosmetics and word of mouth multiplied.

Consumers can talk back so continuously updating your site is essential.  #, @ and RT Tweets.

ABC News 24 – today Monday, March 21, 2011. (11.30am?)  Twitter is 5 years old, and 200 million users, 140 tweets per day.

Luke Hayes FB Marketer  Crust Pizzas run a Twitter Competition on Fridays.  Micheal Logos.

Twitter is open for business


news on Google

October 9, 2010

The Google Adwords Keyword Tool is now largely useless. Google announced at SMX that the tool will now only provide keywords that Google deems commercial. Read that as “profitable.”.

Real-time search is blowing up. Remember the Google “Caffeine” update? That was all about indexing the web and returning results as fast as possible. One speaker reported having a blog post indexed and ranking within one minute of publishing. On top of that, Twitter is geared up to process your queries as fast as you can enter them. Twitter can process 12,000 queries per second right now. Simple math makes that 1 billion queries a day.

Google has 97% of the mobile browser search traffic.   55% of queries are 3+ words and 20% of those are new queries         T. Friesen SMX East, New Yourk


Facebook as a bank ?

May 3, 2010

I thought I had finished blogging, but this is compelling.

Nar, I still they are going to be relevant and they have been through the restructuring and come through.

A good article on new media tactics is at http://tinyurl.com/2010-new-tactics

Expect B2B brands especially to become social media savvy in 2010
Look for 2010 to be the year of the mashup as marketers bring elements together into cohesive experiences
Expanded interest in social media will lead to further adoption of new measuring tools
Consumers are revealing more than ever, so embrace honesty

Pleasing. 9 times!

November 30, 2009

someone has looked here nine times in today. In tech talk thats 9 impressions, (but with zero responses though,  har ha).

but being a good media guy, does WordPress count a return to a page as a new impression.  Maybe it was the same person going back to the homepage after visiting 3 articles or sub pages.  It was the highest count yet.  Still a nice surprise.

Twitter’s new feedback call to action is “whats happening”.  Twitter is now 3 years old.

Twitter has just done a deal with Google to allow tweets to be searched for.  It could be good for interactive events, games and competitive markets where price can be announced and searched for spontaneously.  Think Christmas Sales for retailers.  The  industry is expecting this to have massive implications.