Micro blogging has speedy networking potential.   Businesses focussing on their social media strategy can accurately target their market.  Twitter has the benefit of being able to tweet without having to field a zillion emails or nurse a profile.  You can fling and not receive.

The number of followers on Twitter can be staggering allowing businesses to run efficietent marketing. Dell Outlet has 1.5 million followers.

FB is the site of choice where consumers give you continuous feedback.  Clinique uses it for personal recommendations.  Users seek information as to how to use cosmetics and word of mouth multiplied.

Consumers can talk back so continuously updating your site is essential.  #, @ and RT Tweets.

ABC News 24 – today Monday, March 21, 2011. (11.30am?)  Twitter is 5 years old, and 200 million users, 140 tweets per day.

Luke Hayes FB Marketer  Crust Pizzas run a Twitter Competition on Fridays.  Micheal Logos.