Facebook has made another update, and this time the focus is on messaging.  The idea is to bring email, txting, Facebook chat and Facebook messaging all together.  All you need to send someone a message is the person and the message and thats it.  Every user can get an @Facebook .com email address.  This will allow people who dont use Facebook to connect with Facebook users.  The formalities of email, like subject boxes and cc: boxes will gone, so it feels more like a conversation.  Probably the biggest change it that it groups all types of messages will be like one long discussion.  So if a friend sends you a txt, but you reply on FB, all those messages will be listed as one conversation.  The system will be roled out over the next few months, but you will need to be invited by a friend to get access.  Thats all for this weeks nerd news!

souce BTN.

Facebook as a bank ?

May 3, 2010

I thought I had finished blogging, but this is compelling.

I like Google.  This will be hard to understand, but for me it reached marketing succinctness, in that it meshed the consumer’s consumption decision with time infinity.  Anyhow, for the Super Bowl, Google made a lovely ad, (which actually didnt work that well on tv).  And I thought it was worth looking showing you.  And it is also worth while comparing it with the public perception presented by the video made by ABC TV’s The Hungry Beast.  I’m not on the side of the scaremongers.


Good groves slow fox

December 13, 2009

no media to write about.

found this video on a Danish Fashion blog – NeverWritten. 

the days of the web being a destination are over.(Atleast for marketeers, maybe not content providers / publishers).